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We provide solutions for robots to learn and work safely and accurately side by side with humans.



Smart Robots

The world of robotics is very dynamic and many technological improvements in terms of sensors, actuators, and softwares appear every day. Lower prices allow for novel implementations of robots, not only for large scale factories, but also for everyday consumer, commercial markets and small scale production centers.

Artificial intelligence and collaborative robots make interactions faster and easier. Smart and safe controls allow robots to collaborate and interact with coworkers, opening new possibilities for industrial applications.

Classical Robots

Classical robots operate in registricted environments to avoid interacting with people. These robots are not flexible and adaptable to new tasks. A high integration cost and advanced software engineers are required. This limits the robots to large scale industrial manufacturing.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are equipped with new sensors, rendering them able to detect interactions with the environment and coworkers. Smart algorithms allow them to adapt, interact and collaborate. Intuitive programming interfaces and artificial intelligence make the robots easy to operate.

We believe that humans and machines need to collaborate and communicate for the best outcome.



We provide hardware and software advice for your next robotics, automation, and machine learning installation. Our experts will help you set up the system and customize the software. Get in touch with us for more information.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are at the core of our software. They allow the robots to learn new tasks by simply following a demonstration. The learned path is optimized to increase performance and adapted in real-time to account for changes in the environment.

The robot can switch between different tasks in real time through simple physical interaction. Our state of the art software increases efficiency and safety during  the task execution and simplifies the programming of new tasks.


Real-time collision avoidance algorithms ensure safe operation for the robot and the technicians. This allows collaboration between humans and machines without interruption.

Using integrated force and torque sensors, interactions with the environment can be detected. Using this information the control algorithms move the robot in a safe manner.

Multiple robots can work together on one task. This increases the range of applications as it allows handling of large parts, hand-overs, and bi-manual tasks. Our software ensure safe execution at any time.


Custom algorithms are ideal for automation in various fields. By using integrated position and motion sensors, our system detects any disturbances in real time and the smart control moves the robots optimally.

Applications are high precision as the robots counteract any forces and disturbances while executing the task. Our systems can switch autonomously between passive adaptation and high accuracy mode.

Our team develops custom software and intuitive user interfaces for industrial and consumer applications. We help make robotic applications more accessible to you.

About Us

We are four co-founders with diverse backgrounds: a mechanical engineer, a computer scientist, a machine learning specialist and a robotics professor. While being dynamic and skilled, we also bring the knowledge of years of industry related research and the knowledge to predict the technology development now and in the future.


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We are based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Contact us with inquiries and questions in English, French or German.

Scientific Advisor

In the fast changing environment of robotics and artificial intelligence, it is important to us to stay closely connected to the latest research. We thank our scientific advisor for the support..


Head of LASA  Laboratory at EPFL 
Research Machine Learning, Robotics


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